An examination of infrastructure and competitive advantages in information technology

The difficult-to-detect hypersonic cruise missiles, which will use AI for precision flight maneuvers, offensive and defensive situational adjustments, and terminal guidance, fly low enough that they are serious threats.

But China is making significant progress and researchers are closely following their work. Although China has a somewhat limited Internet, many of its scientists and engineers have studied in the West so they are well aware of what the average Chinese citizen does not see.

Cruise missiles are typically shorter range missiles.

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Will AI in missile defense systems be enough to make them effective? Although reconnaissance satellites are very good, could Russia or China mistake an India vs Pakistan conflict as an attack on themselves?

The familiar Predator and other drones are certainly effective. The Cold War Re-Emerging Some in the military community are raising several red flags about what could go wrong with AI including too quick a response to what may be an incorrect unverified warning of an attack and the launching of devastating responses.

In the military aviation world, there are fourth and fifth generation fighters and bombers in service with sixth generation aircraft soon to follow.

Based upon its success to date, it is a serious competitor. Some of the new weapons, referred to as killer robots, are already deployed.

But, of course, they never forget the story itself especially the ending. There are many market researchers with educational free white papers and news that are worth exploring for potential solutions.

As history has shown us, technology advances typically happen much sooner or later than the consensus predictions from scientists, engineers and visionaries. The Matrix movie described a world where intelligent machines waged war against their human creators.

Perhaps not at the shooting war point yet, but still troubling. Defense One, Atlantic Media Co. AI can help militaries operate faster, more accurately and more destructively, while putting fewer humans at riskā€¦unless humans are the targets.

China is now rumored to have nuclear weapons in its bombers, something new, perhaps capable of hitting the U. With top speeds exceeding 3, miles per hour, the trek from New York to London, for example, would take only minutes, better than the current trip which takes around seven hours.

He was remarkable during dinner conversation. Drone swarm technology certainly qualifies as dual threat machines. Very intelligent AI smart weapons will be able to evaluate and assess enemy targets and defenses in real time and make whatever defensive and offensive adjustments that are necessary on their own.Vacuum Technology & Coating Weblog.

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An examination of infrastructure and competitive advantages in information technology
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