Analysis of the poem bilingual bilingue

Such a poem may lead you back into your own life and show you a new self by placing you in that unfamiliar spot and asking you to be, to think, or feel something new. Although she might speak English outside the home, she never forgot her true language, Spanish.

Then in the last stanza, the Spanish is intertwined with the English sentence showing how she wants the world to be equal and her household undivided.

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Rhina Espaillat does a good job by showing the two sides that the young girl lives by mixing the sentences with Spanish and English. Tykesha White Anonymous said Within the first stanza there is a repetition of multiple different shades of colors which represents how the character is really light skinned but still half black in the black dominant society.

On Inviting Poems In. In "Nani" I really like how she shows the gap between herself and her nani. The background of this author made the poem kind of relate to her background experience growing up as a biracial child.

Hidding the English language behind her fathers back seemed to be the right thing and if spoking infront of her father showed disrespect to her race. The author in "White lies" uses color imagery to go with the main purpose of this poem. She is a frequent reader, speaker and workshop director at various schools, colleges, and cultural institutions.

There is another reference to color that has importance in this poem. She constantly repeats the action of watching and speaking, but never her listening to what she is saying.

I think this represents the child in the poem realizing that no matter how hard someone or something might try to make her forget her heritage, that she will always remember where she came from and never be ashamed of it. With respect to her father she is only aloud to speak English outside her house but speak nothing but Spanish inside her house.

Each of the three poems talks about race and tradition in some way. Each one of these short poems is about a young girl and an older family member. I think this means she wanted the black washed out of her so she can be all white. The poem is set into nine stanzas and the word at the end of each line within the stanzas is rhyming.

Her books are available at bookstores, libraries, and through amazon. The lighter skin people used that advantage to get special needs and wants. When her mother finds out that she has been lying about her race, she gets upset and has her daughter wash her mouth out with soap as a punishment.

This poem tells of how a young girl has been asked by her father to only speak Spanish inside the home and only English outside the home. The Spanish is set in parentheses indicating the separation in her household between English and Spanish.

I believe that the young girl felt that she could succed out in the world if English was a language that she poem, that shock of veracity adds to the poem’s power.

In an unsuccessful poem, the autobiographical facts become a substitute for emotions not credibly conveyed by. Jun 12,  · What is the poem bilingual/bilingue by Rhina espaillat about?

1 following. 2 Best Answer: Her poem includes the translation as it flows. It is about her relationship with her father who only wanted Spanish spoken in his home while his daughter was a poet, and she wrote in both languages.

Bilingual Bilingue. Status: Resolved.

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'Bilingual/Bilingue Explication' Term Paper by supercalifragilistic 'Bilingual/Bilingue Explication' This paper analyzes the poem 'Bilingual/Bilingue', by Rhina Espaillat.

Analysis of the poem bilingual bilingue
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