Ballistic fingerprinting gun control

The only city to have applied this measure, however, is Maryland, where a fired case from the firearm has to be taken to the Maryland State Police where every new firearm will be photographed in order to log the information on a database. The bottom line is that gun registration will actually make people less safe.

This easy kind of comparison is only meant to help the law enforcement agents proceed to the next steps of ballistic fingerprinting. Not all guns even generate markings on cartridge casings.

Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the DC-area snipers in October ofhas admitted that he stole his Bushmaster rifle from a gun store in the state of Washington. Spot checks are planned [for other homes]. The consequences of these barrel characteristics that can be deduced from the bullet for instance, the twist to the left instead of a twist to the right — visible on the bullet marks — can lead to characterizing the barrel, which is a major step in the procedure of gun identification.

Opponents to the system argue implementing the record keeping system would be expensive and may not prove effective. For beginners, one could forcefully argue that redirecting critical law enforcement dollars away from programs that work in favor of programs that do not work is in itself, a recipe for costing innocent lives.

Handgun sales have continued to drop inaccording to the Maryland State Police. Opposition to registration is hardly the paranoia that gun control supporters want people to believe. The analysis is concentrated on the marks that the firearms leave on the bullet, which — just like fingerprints — are unique and the study of the trail refers to internal ballistics the analysis of the mechanical processes between the moment of firing and the one in which the bullet leaving the barrel applied on forensic matters the implication of legal questions, investigations and situations subject to the law.

The analysis can link multiple bullets to a single weapon and possibly, the shooter. We could allow government officials to eavesdrop on every conversation a person makes, whether on the phone, at their home, or on the computer.

Furthermore, normal use of a gun causes its ballistic fingerprint to change — and a criminal can take simple steps to drastically change the ballistic fingerprint. Steven Milloy is the publisher of JunkScience.

We could institute a national curfew. In short, there are a lot of things that might actually help police catch crooks.

Gun control advocates are fogging debate by claiming a July report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found computerized ballistic fingerprints currently available to federal law enforcement officials produced 8, ballistics matches with 17, crime scenes during Further, "fired cartridge casings are much easier to correlate than fired bullets," noted the experts.

If you study the debates over every piece of gun control legislation in the past, you will find the same argument being made.

How Reliable Is Ballistic Fingerprinting?

Striations are highly important during the forensic investigations, since every barrel has different ones, depending on numerous factors among which the most important are the type of fire-gun, the tear level, the spin rate.

Email One way investigators have been able to link the string of shootings in the Washington, D. The first and most obvious ones concern gross differences between the physical qualities of the firearm and the bullet.

Wright and Rossi, criminals usually do not leave a paper trail when buying guns. They are not permanently defined like fingerprints or DNA. While these changes are most pronounced when the gun is new, it is not difficult to intentionally change the signature later on.

The same gun will produce different markings on bullets and casings, and different guns can produce similar markings. Examining and Interpreting Forensic Evidence, Heard, Their research suggests that the current technology for collecting and comparing images may not reliably distinguish very fine differences.Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Is Not An Effective Crime Tool (May ) After a killing spree in the national capital area in October,gun haters have once again used the Beltway shootings as an excuse for more gun control.

Gun Control Activist Urges Canadian Audience to Get Involved in U.S. Politics Anti-gun Senator Accompanied by “Unprecedented” Security Detail While Traveling in California. Advocates for gun control want to expand the resources of ballistics investigators by creating a national computerized system for tracing bullets and.

Ballistic Fingerprinting: Can It Solve Crimes?

The mechanical study of the launching, flight, behavior and effects (usually visual marks) of bullets is what ballistic fingerprinting usually refers to. The forensic procedure is used to identify the gun with which the criminal fired, thus.

For a number of years, gun control advocates have been arguing that if we did “ballistic fingerprinting” of guns, we Ballistic registration only works if the person criminally misusing the gun is the. Proponents of ballistic fingerprinting believe that having the police fire a gun (and keep a shell casing) before that gun is purchased will allow the police to determine whether that gun was later used at a crime scene.

Ballistic fingerprinting gun control
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