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The religious symbolism of the novel can be understood only in the context of that cultural geography, and Anaya taps a rich vein of southwestern folklore and history. Up to the point where Ultima visits, Antonio has it in his mind that it is his destiny to become a priest.

He cannot both become a priest and believe in the golden carp. When Antonio receives his First Holy Communion, and his questions are not answered, he is extremely disappointed: What does Brunelle mean when he says: Ultima not only helps Antonio reach adulthood but also teaches him a number of important lessons along the way—the healing arts of nature, for example, and the power of love.

Ultima sees the big picture; she recognizes that all the belief systems have the same thing in common and that you need to approach problems in life with an open mind. In this story, Antonio is torn between three destinies.

Bless Me, Ultima Critical Essays

Ultima, an old woman who works with herbs and magical powers, comes to visit Antonio and hisfamily on the Ilano. Ultima agrees to treat him, but requests Antonio come with her.

So, what does all of this have to do with Ultima passing her powers down to Antonio before she dies? Ultima helps Antonio to achieve his own identity; at the end of the novel, he directs his mother to take his sisters to their room. Likewise, the literary symbolism of the novel—the importance of water, for example the golden carp, the drowning and of religious rituals both Christian and native spiritual —is complex and effective.

As Antonio says toward the end of his journey: It is clear throughout the story that both Ultima and Antonio have magical powers. So far, the church is not providing answers to his questions, but Antonio thinks his First Communion will cause him to know the answers to all of his questions.

When Antonio learns about the golden carp, this presents a new idea about religion into his life. Later on, Antonio learns the story about the golden carp from another boy his own age. All the pieces fitted! From his mother he learned how close people are to the earth.

I will be happy to be with my god. Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, is a coming-of-age story that revolves around a young boy named Antonio. For example, is she a bruja witchor just a healer? Characterization is rather two-dimensional, although the major characters particularly Ultima have shadings: It is like he has taken some of the burden of the pain off of Uncle Lucas, helping him overcome his illness.

Much more complex are the symbolic aspects of the novel.In "Bless Me, Ultima," the owl symbolizes Ultima's soul.

It is a benign spirit that accompanies Tony whenever Ultima cannot and warns. Bless Me, Ultima. Project description OVERVIEW: According to Daniel Testa, author of the journal article “Extensive/Intensive Dimensionality in Bless Me, Ultima,” “[Rudolfo Anaya] does not focus directly and explicitly on the confrontation between his own culture and an oppressive Anglo society.

Bless Me Ultima is the story of how a curandera named Ultima and her owl come to live with the Marez-Luna family in the their small home on a rocky hill in Guadalupe, New Mexico during World War II, and of how she helps influence and teach the hero of the story, young Antonio Marez in the ancient customs of healing and magic.

Summary of Bless Me, Ultima Essay Words | 4 Pages. Summary of Bless Me, Ultima Bless Me, Ultima is a story about the maturation of a young Mexican-American boy, Antonio M’arez, struggling with many questions about his.

Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, is a coming-of-age story that revolves around a young boy named Antonio. In this story, Antonio is torn between three destinies. In this story, Antonio is torn between three destinies.

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Bless me ultima 2 essay
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