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That pushed straight-through processing to more than 60 percent and growing. It enables them to provide us with medical information in a much quicker and easier way. Now I can see and describe our future in concrete terms.

Also, demand control ventilation is implemented in high occupancy zones to insure that CO2 levels are minimized without impacting nearby occupant zones and their energy usage.

Automated Underwriting – Publications and Client Case studies

Snapshots of each server are sent to the cloud based DR environment every hour so that the cloud system is replicating what is happening locally. One told us it was really, really advanced. All the files and databases are guaranteed to be available within minutes in the event that a data loss, audit or some other request to access old files should arise.

In the end no Chinese company could be found that could deliver a fully managed hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to the same level as Savenet. Faced with meeting the increasing demands of a global business looking for 24 x 7 support, Munich Re were faced with either a further expensive investment in a traditional DR solution — with dual sites and all the replication required in terms of hardware and software etc, or looking at a cloud based alternative.

And as a consequence we can more quickly provide them with clarity about the acceptance of the risk. Its client base includes world leading insurance companies. Partner companies had experience with it. The modernization was to lay the groundwork for implementation of user-centric concepts.

Then, you have the internal IT management cost of all this, which is non-core activity. Read more New Ireland Assurance Raises Market Share, Income, Loyalties, and Efficiency with Allfinanz from Munich Re Easy flexibility in evolving new customer screens and adapting underwriting rules has sped response to dynamic market conditions, thus paving the way to gaining and retaining revenue.

Using this BDR appliance allows new versions of the existing servers to be spun up and served to the network within minutes in the event that any of the existing servers develop a problem.

During this first phase, we also began to allow various terminal device types and laptop and desktop versions and to support BYOD.

This is connected to all the servers and provides disk based continuous data protection. The company previously used an external provider to store tapes offsite on a weekly basis.

Munich RE Munich RE ensures economic and environmental sustainability Munich RE, international organization with over 50 locations worldwide had the goal to be carbon neutral by On top of that, DR testing was a major undertaking for the company to carry out.

Even our competitors said so.

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Share this content on your favourite social media platform. It has a major campus in Princeton, NJ in need of energy efficiency upgrades and energy management to improve employee comfort and reduce overall energy use.Client Case Studies.

Insular Life (Philippines) SpareBank 1 Forsikring (Norway) Ellipse (UK) Zurich Life (Germany) VitalityLife (UK) Munich Re’s ultra-flexible Allfinanz Interview Server ensures TAL’s traditions of careful underwriting stay in force through dynamically changing market conditions.

Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies with approximately 12, employees in more than 50 countries, launched a cross-company project called “Next Generation Workplace” inwhich initially created the technological basis for a global workplace infrastructure.

Case Study Munich Re Page 3 of 4 It is their aim and mutual undertaking to perpetually increase operational efficiency in such a way as to compensate for the future. Munich RE Munich RE ensures economic and environmental sustainability.

Munich RE, international organization with over 50 locations worldwide had the. Publications - Munich Re (Group) Munich Re's entire spectrum of publications is available for downloading and ordering from the Group's web site.

Case Study Quality Control Today, Munich Re knows that its outsourcing partners deliver high-quality software. The reinsurance company Munich Re has a large need for software development, for which they rely on flexible sourcing.

ALLFINANZ Client Case Studies – New Business Underwriting

The company focuses on a long term guarantee of high-quality code and low maintenance costs.

Case study munich re
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