Cis319 group collaboration software office technology essay

Office Automation And Group Collaboration Software Memo Essay Sample

More essays like this: This software is designed to help the firm establish effective communication channels with secure real-time access to business information.

Situations like this have happened before in the company and because of that the company was unable to provide its customers with assistance until the problem is resolved, hence the disadvantages from this office automation service are considerable when they come into play.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The MS Office suite is an excellent example of the This causes some difficult administration problems within the networked environment of the company, and in some cases it is more sensible and cost effective to purchase individual licenses.

The new software is thus expected to perform faster and more effectively otherwise they will not be perceived as cost effective.

Furthermore the tools that allow organizations to work, produce or communicate faster are becoming increasingly important. However privacy is not guarded when your documents can be viewed by other users without your consent.

A flip side to the OI is that it still possesses software bugs that surface from time to time, resulting in small work lags for the firm, which is crucial because time is an important organizational resource.

This allows other people in your network sequence to access what you are doing at any particular time and what is stored in your computer unless you have restricted access. The Handbook of Office Automation. Thus we reach each other through e-mails, voicemails, instant messaging, teleconferencing and many more others.

Voice conferencing is another application that ensures that more than two people can communicate at the same time only by a single call by calling into conference bridge device. Accessed April 2,from http: On the other hand we have group collaboration this is normally some software that facilitates the communication between a group of people, mostly centered on a goal, project or a common interest that bring them together.

The users call into their telephones the conference bridge number in advance otherwise we sure experience delays in calls.

The software package used for group collaboration is Office Interactive OI. They also provide some tools to facilitate this like message boards, mass group emailing and areas to share photos or files which all group members can access at their leisure.

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

For example the company uses a proxy server with provide access through the LAN to the internet, while this server provides the benefit of limiting any employee access to questionable or forbidden sites, if the network crashes, the server crashes and it prevents the user from accessing the internet altogether.

The major advantage of this is that it ensures that information is more accessible to all of us and guarantees collective responsibility in carrying out our duties White, T, In the meantime automated laboratories also does electronic recording of his data permanently and safely.

Additionally, the suite cannot be broken up. Another setback arises when it is just ongoing such that it keeps delivering the message or receiving when the message is already conveyed.

We thus retain our momentum of operations through collaborations and meetings to boost morale in embracing technology and welcoming new developments.

Their cost-effective yet powerfully integrated application comes equipped with secure tools for web conferencing and instant messaging.Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software Office automation is the use of automated or electronic equipment for office operations, such as computers.

Office automation includes the hardware, software, and network applications used to enhance office work. Group Collaboration software provides tools for groups of people or organizations to share information and coordinate activities.

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software Essay Sample

The purpose of this memorandum is to describe the types of office automation and group collaboration software that is used at GECU. Office Automation And Group Collaboration Software Memo Essay Sample There is a couple of office automation and group collaboration software that the organization currently uses.

In this essay I will argue that technology does not ensure progress. The first main concept that needs to be clarified is 'technology'.

CIS Group Collaboration Software & Office Technology technology is extremely useful because it allows our organization to call a meeting quickly, communicate information, and allow instant feedback 4/5(2).

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software Essay Sample. By definition, office automation encompasses use of electronic devices such as computers, or varied hardware and software like the operating programmes in order to boost efficiency.

How to write an essay; Book Guides; Search Go. CIS Group Collaboration Software & Office Technology. ware". These concepts include a wide array of software ranging from project management to email.

At XYZ Company, many group collaboration applications are utilized throughout all departments of the or ail, and web publishing.

Cis319 group collaboration software office technology essay
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