College athletes should be paid fair for their hard work

Time to Pay College Athletes

Those who say college student-athletes should not be paid argue that they receive scholarships as a form of payment for their talents. In fact, the NCAA so rampantly defends its definition of amateurism that it has actively sought to shut down entrepreneurial efforts of athletes in college even when those money-making activities have no tangible connection to the sport or the university.

If somebody is willing to give A. If athletes were paid more than that, their total pay would be quite high. A timeout of the regular-season college football game between the University of Michigan at the University of Iowa Photo: Many of these college athletes are African-American and come from poverty-stricken communities.

The situation many of these players fine themselves in is worse than endangered servitude! InVanskike and his attorneys argued that as a prisoner, he should be paid a federal minimum wage for his work. Guess how much money the players who draw the large viewership and high ratings for CBS make off this deal?

Coaches might have a big effect on a team, but it is up to the athletes to get it done. This would lead to players being part of a business in playing their sport, and take away from the some of the core values of the NCAA, which are players not being paid, and playing for the love of the sport, not for money.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently led a group in investigating problems related to scandalous behavior in college basketball. Now, it is true that the vast majority of the ,plus college athletes are not money-makers for their institutions or the peripheral industry. Refusing to take care of the basic medical needs of college players should not be tolerated.

If you are one of the talented athletes who do receive a full ride scholarship, you only receive three meals a day in the cafeteria. About the author Mercer is a junior at Collegiate School. But if a player holds an autograph signing event drawing in thousands of dollars, he cannot take a single dime of the profits.

Cash or a salary could be spent on wants rather than necessities, potentially leading the athletes into a debt they would not have with the benefit of a scholarship. Tuition, room, board and books were compensation enough. We depend on the support of readers like you to help keep our nonprofit newsroom strong and independent.

Their revelations, short of Heisman Trophy winners having to return their statues, wind up penalizing only the kids and coaches who remain on the team and in the vast majority of cases have done nothing to merit a penalty themselves.

Based on the higher revenue for these specific sports, it would be assumed that these players would be paid far more than athletes in other sports.

Would athletes be paid differently depending on the sport they play? Usually I am not in favor of unions, but clearly something must be done to change the way college athletes get compensated for their services.

Improprieties in recruiting are, frankly, the norm and are centered on money. College athletes deserve to be treated fairly and given a just compensation for the services they provide. Larger sports that bring in money over a certain threshold should be able to pay their players.

Coaches receive bonuses for breaking records, reaching the offseason, and winning the big games; the athletes receive none of it, writes Tyson Hartnett for The Huffington Post.

A few positive recommendations from the Rice report include establishing a fund to pay for degree completion for athletes who depart college and allowing underclassmen who are unsuccessful in getting drafted to re-enter school.

Under the guise of amateurism, student athletes work long hours each day. That, in turn, can deprive other students of their chance to gain the education and experience at the college of their dreams, since their desired program will no longer be offered, says Anderson. You can respond in the comments below, but please do so respectfully.

The next year, they may transfer to another school with an even higher offer. The NCAA and college universities have taken advantage of college athletes for far too long and their excuses have run dry.

Would the quality of the broadcasts or the coverage or the staging of the events be somehow diminished? They work what is often the equivalent of a full-time job on top of trying to successfully navigate college.

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Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid? Both Sides of the Debate

Student-athletes do not need to receive huge salaries like their coaches; rather, they could still be paid a reasonable amount relative to how much the program makes. It is, in essence, admitting that student-athletes are working as slave laborers and, as such, do not deserve fair compensation.Should college athletes be paid?

Yes: Hard work deserves fair compensation. The need for money among many budding college athletes and their families as well as the thirst for money among. Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid? contract more than compensates NCAA athletes for their efforts.

"Rather than push college athletics further and Medicaid work requirements do anything but. Jan 09,  · But their loads should be reduced during their years of eligibility, and once their playing days are over, they should be able to finish their. The Livers case argues that student-athletes who get scholarships should at least be paid as work-study students for the time they put in.

The 13th Amendment is commonly hailed as the law that. Jan 07,  · College football players should be paid because they work hard to win for their coach he gets paid for coaching them the players should get paid for helping the coach get some players should get paid for doing their best in the the players work so so hard on the game they win and they don’t get paid for working so hard.

College athletes deserve to be paid. Nothing about the way hundreds of millions of dollars is distributed is equitable or even fair. The BCS' new deal with ESPN was based, in part, on paying.

College athletes should be paid fair for their hard work
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