Doubly deviant thesis

Ahluwalia — whose crime was arguably more violent, setting her husband on fire, while Thornton stabbed her victim — was described in court as passive, meek and subservient, while Thornton was painted as an arrogant sexual aggressor.

On a wider level this is used to lend credibility to the portrayal of Knox as a possible offender. The introduction of mandatory and minimum Doubly deviant thesis in the crime sentencing Act is a significant restriction on the judges using their discretion in the sentence.

But female killers are approached differently to their male counterparts. Feminists have levelled complaints at this angle of criminology that assumes females are controlled by their biology and are incapable of thinking for themselves; feminists point out that while criminological thinking has surpassed the gloomy days of biological determinism and the predetermined actor model of crime, criminological explanations of female crime has not.

Knox is given an active role in her own portrayal and the suggestion is that Knox took pleasure in projecting a sexually charged image.

Other criminologists argue that chivalrous treatment is part of a bartering system or exchange relationship in which lenient treatment is extended only to certain kinds of females, according to the nature of the offence but also according to adherence to proper gender roles.

Feminist school of criminology

This project attempts to unravel this claim Doubly deviant thesis examine, through the context of feminist criminology, its validity.

The defence described her as a Christian lady, she volunteered as a Sunday school teacher from time to time and she was the treasurer of the local Christian Endeavour Society. Questions of Agency and Subjectivity, London: In constructing the boundaries for appropriateness in terms of gender, the tabloids position Amanda Knox outside of this socially acceptable realm of femininity.

They see it as a male-dominated institution and feel their treatment has been unsympathetic and unjust. In doing so, certain themes emerge that are largely consistent with previous research into portrayals of female offenders. This legitimacy underscores the narratives of deviance, and subsequently guilt, constructed.

These lexical choices emphasize the wider narrative built by the article. The chivalry or paternalism hypothesis which echoes the perception of female inmates as victims, argues that women are treated more leniently than men at various stages of the supposedly male-dominated justice process as a function of the male desire to protect the weaker Crew: This is a common strategy utilized by the tabloid media, who employ nicknames to establish a discourse of familiarity with the reader and the subject Conboy, Both men are only mentioned in the last two paragraphs of the article.

As such, further research is necessary to provide a comprehensive, inclusive analysis of gender representations. As such, this paper will attempt to examine the following research questions. Methodology Case of Inquiry In an effort to answer the aforementioned research objectives, this research paper will concentrate on the portrayal of Amanda Knox.

These questions will be asked in order to identify whether or not existing theories on female offenders, in terms of gender roles, stereotypes and expectations, are relevant in contemporary media portrays of female criminals, with a particular emphasis on the Amanda Knox case.

Drawing from the results, the articles analyzed communicate this personalization. She is described as unnatural, masculine" Burke This unequal position of women in society due to social oppression and economic dependency on men and the state, needs to be addressed.

The authors conduct a content analysis of font page newspaper stories from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, all from Palgrave Macmillan Stillman, S.

These categories indicate the consistently used themes, topics and strategies employed by each article, which most effectively highlight the discursive strategies implemented. Paltridgeargues this subjectivity results from the reliance on interpretation that at times lacks a sufficiently methodical approach and may rely too heavily on the analysts own biases and experiences.

Doubly Deviant, Doubly Damned

The study therefore sheds more light on the construction of female offenders in the media, through the critical discourse analysis of a specific case study. Proof that she was a bad sort. The criminal justice system seeks to make women treatable, since this neutralises the effect of their criminality and protects the gender stereotypes upon which social order is based.

In particular, there is an implied failure to live up to socially accepted standards of femininity. Women were more passive and less criminally capable. The press paints these women as sexpot, a cocktail waitress, curvy, comely, flame - haired and blonde and others who may describe them as housewife with hamster morals.

Theme of Deviance from Borderlands La Frontera

What matters to her is how she views things. She is able to do this because all her emotions and feelings are strong, true, and painful. How much has changed? Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

In and the imprisonment rate for women in England. It has been noted that CDA is a preferred form of methodology in the field of media language and gender, particularly in terms of the portrayal of women Blommaert and Bulcaen, If that wife dares to be in any way imperfect, she is deemed undeserving of sympathy or additional defences.Moreover, the witch image as well as that of the whore seemed to be the key portrayals of the deviant women.

The stereotype of witchcraft, which has always been linked to women, gave the idea of "deviant women as especially evil, depraved and monstrous". On the other hand, the tendency to sexualise the female offences portrayed them as whores. Jul 22,  · In particular, Naylor’s (, ) work provides an interesting historical context for the double deviance theory, situating anxieties on female criminality and deviance in discourses on changes in female roles in the ’s and ’s.

Case study: Myra Hindley was 'doubly deviant' - contradicting the conventional notion of femininity in committing crimes against children (supposed to be maternal) Harsher sentencing if women Rise in female prison population is explained by a significant increase of severity in sentencing.

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An Essay on the Women and Crime

Theme of Deviance from Borderlands La Frontera. Published: Back to list. and non-sexual woman. Anzaldua was doubly deviant.

Firstly, since she is a lesbian, the cultural and Catholic teachings label her sexuality “faulty.” Secondly, she is sexual. Doubly Deviant, Doubly Damned This is a man's world, or so they say, and no part of it is more filled with machismo than the legal system.

An Essay on the Women and Crime. Article shared by. These women are doubly damned and doubly deviant. They are seen as ‘mad’ not ‘bad’. These behaviours frequently lead to interpretations of being mentally abnormal and unstable. Those doing the defining, by the very act, are never defined as ‘other’, but are the norm.

Doubly deviant thesis
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