Essay on curiosity is the mother of invention

Magellan voyaged round the world. Some say it is boredom, some say its greed, some creativity, according to some its diligence and some like me believe its curiosity. Man has spent millions trying to invent guided locomotives to the moon and other planets like Mars, not because there is any crying need for the same, but because it gives the thrill of doing the outwardly impossible.

They act on instinct and follow a beaten track. When human wants becomes necessity, it impel a man to action. And this is how the invention of all the biggest inventions made in the history of the mankind such the invention of electricity, engine, the computerthe internet, cures for the deadly diseases and so many other things.

It is the dire necessity of protecting themselves against the intense cold outside that has led them to build houses with ice. If Newton had not been curious as to why the apple fell on his head we would not know what gravity is. This want may be of various degrees.

The meaning of the proverb is self-evident. Clothes were devised as protection against cold, houses for shelter. Invention is that new purposeful machine, method, process etc that need strong desire and determination.

Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention and rightly so because had it not been for necessity we would still be living in the stone ages. Animals have their needs but because they lack the power of thinking and ingenuity, they cannot invent anything.

The present greatness of Great Britain is primarily due to this fact. Hence, the correct formula should be necessity is the mother of invention but only when it is supported by the power of thinking. However, if we can use our curiosity in healthy direction, it can lead us to new avenues of progress and prosperity.

I am sure this essay will make you stand out from others. The Flintstones Cartoon show perfectly shows the life of the stone age man.

Many young men and women fall a victim to drugs when they go on to satisfy their unhealthy curiosity to it. We strain every nerve to have it, as if some inward force were compelling us to act. When man feels the pinching need of anything, he begins to think how he can satisfy his needs.

He needed to make that food edible and not get ill by eating the raw meat. The more we expand our horizon, the greater will be our incentive to invent new machines and gadgets. But now all I had was the 8 days to study for my exams, so I thought of studying little bit differently so that I would study more in less amount of time.

After hunting the biggest problem was to eat the raw flesh of those animals. They would have remained confined within their own land, had they found their country self-sufficient.

If Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

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. Curiosity is a hunger to explore and a delight in discovery. When we are curious, we approach the world with a child-like habit of poking and prodding and asking questions.

Aug 01,  · Find, give a narrative essay on necessity is the mother of invention & curiosity is the mother of invention for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 students/5(5).

‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ – Essay

Curiosity was, and still is, a powerful stimulus for explorers, researchers, and inventors. Besides, I have heard more than once, sometimes as a joke, the idea that laziness is the mother of invention, as the man by nature has always been trying to make his life easier by all possible means.

Necessity is the mother of invention or is it? The real mother of invention is not necessity, but curiosity. From the discovery of electricity, the invention of the light bulb, car, airplane, and air conditioning to Global Positioning Satellite systems curiosity has been the reason behind the invention.

Curiosity is the mother of knowledge. In fact, curiosity acts as a driving force behind many a discovery or invention. It is the mainspring of every advance of human civilization.

Essay on curiosity is the mother of invention
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