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Increased rates of divorce, poor economic conditions, and increased acceptance of the homosexual and other alternative life styles all played an important part in the declining rate of homes fitting the traditional family mold.

Traditional family put much emphasis on people having children since this ensured continuity of the society. Presently, the studies support the position that children raised in nontraditional families appear to have no inherent developmental disadvantage.

The professional journals and book shelves are full of studies detailing the problems that are generated by children being forced to live in unhappy and contentious traditional families.

One of the modern factors that have led to the decline of traditional family is homosexuality. This pattern changed substantially beginning in the late sixties Essays on non-traditional families continued through the seventies and eighties.

The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family

From an early age, rules and consequences are a collaborative process that engages all members, parents, children, grandparents and other significant people regardless of blood ties. Baca Zinn and Eitzen conducted a study in America and found out that couples that cohabited before marriage had a higher divorce rate.

Research that promotes a traditional agenda by focusing on Essays on non-traditional families perceived negative after-effects of divorce is both biased and deeply flawed. In traditional family, homosexuality was a taboo and it was not practiced.

This definition encompasses a variety of family norms: We cannot underestimate the power that a healthy, happy, and loving family of any size and composition can have Essays on non-traditional families our children.

There are, however, scholars who have argued otherwise Lerner, A clear picture of the effects of being raised in nontraditional families is difficult to obtain. Supreme Court ruling that homosexuality could not be outlawed, the impetus for same sex marriage and adoption by said couples has intensified Lawrence v.

All sexually is viewed as an exploration of our personalities. Traditionally, people were expected to marry their relatives, including first cousins. Traditionally, people stayed married for their whole lives without getting divorced since marriage was a societal entity that had to be respected.

Self-knowledge is valued over blind obedience as children are taught to understand their feelings and needs and feel safe to express them. The literature still indicates that children from traditional families still seem to do better in academically, adjust more easily to social situations, and present fewer behavioral problems but the studies also indicate that this is due more to the fact that these children come from homes that are more economically prosperous, most likely to be white, and have parents that are the most legally advantaged.

The one consistency between studies centering their efforts on the comparison between traditional and nontraditional families is that there are factors outside the physical makeup of the family that are determinative of happiness.

They value care-taking, including openly expressing affection towards their children and their female partners. In Europe, people were not supposed to have sexual relations with non-relatives.

Although studies still support the fact that children raised by their biological parents still seem to enjoy a modest advantage in how they adjust perform in school and how they adjust to differing social situations but the same studies fail to explain why Cherlin, Along with happiness, these qualities are considered choices children can be taught to make rather than a result of how life treats them.

Cons of Non-traditional families With the rise of non-traditional families, especially in the West, the disadvantages of such a setup have been documented. These values become embedded in our consciousness in a way that shapes our vision as to what our futures should be.

Non-Traditional Families&nbspThesis

There remains, unfortunately, considerable prejudice against the nontraditional family lifestyle. Cohabitation has also affected traditional family negatively since a lot of people, nowadays, do not take marriage seriously.

Families were very public about their lives and were active in their communities. Intentional Parenting More democratically-based, alternative families strive for honesty and direct communication.

In the traditional family, on the other hand, if people fell out of love and emotional attachment, they were stilljoined by family ties. Not only do they influence our urgency to marry, alternatives such as single-by-choice parenting, blended families, same-sex families, multigenerational and chosen families, donor families, multiple-parent or group families, and families without children, are cast in an unfavorable and discriminatory light.

In the modern family, on the other hand, conflicts are taken outside the family. Texas, Homosexuality is not the only discriminating factor that characterizes the nontraditional family. All members of the society were expected to get married and have children, who later became parts of the whole society.

However in recent decades, in many places around the world non-traditional families have become socially accepted and mainstream.

Cons Of Non-Traditional Families

In the study it was stability that was the most determinative factor. The modern world, on the other hand, has come into terms with the idea of homosexuality.

This leads to conflicts, and the traditional concept of a harmonious family is lost. Children are involved in decision-making processes and their input is sought and considered.

Traditional Family vs. Nontraditional Family essay

There are several factors in the modern family that have contributed to the deterioration of the traditional family. In general, people who come from single parent households are nine times more like to commit a crime than those who come from a traditional family household.

Children are taught which parts of their body are for sharing and which are private. However, the law put an end to these marriages, and people in the modern society marry only because of love and emotional attachment.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Non Traditional Family.

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Nontraditional Family papers, term papers, free Traditional Family vs. Nontraditional Family samples, research papers, help. Home Essay The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family The New Childhood of the Non-Traditional Family March 25, Stanley Siegel Essay 3.

Today’s American Family isn’t what it used to be. The days of “Leave It to Beaver” have been replaced with “Modern Family,” a more accurate representation of home life. The nuclear family. Free traditional family papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned over essays has affected the structure of modern family greatly with the occurrence of major difference between traditional and non-traditional family. [tags: Culture, Social Chages, Family, Society].

I think that Billie Letts chose to write this book from a nontraditional family standpoint because it would help people "cope- with the fact that a growing number of people come from nontraditional families.


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