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That being said, farming uses an abundance of natural resources, requiring a great deal of water and soil.

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However, new homes are still increasing in size and this creates the need for more resources, namely trees, used for building that would otherwise reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. If it is to successfully curb the negative effects population growth has had on green space, the federal government must pair public engagement with more aggressive measures.

Because of the population growth there is a decline, even in my community, in farmland and in farmers. If we do not stand up for our environment, agriculture, as well as most everything else, will cease to exist. This rapid population spike means there will be more people who need more houses that need more land.

With more urban housing comes more infrastructures to support said housing.

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This would reduce the number of cars on the road that not only promote urban sprawl by allowing farther commutes between work and home, but that also create harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change, acid rain, health problems, and urban smog.

This will enable agriculture to not only thrive but to help save the environment for future generations. The contest is open to high school senior or a college freshman, sophomore, or Npg scholarship essay enrolled in an official undergraduate program of study for Npg scholarship essay fall semester.

It also has to be beneficial to the community and cannot harm it in any way. Not valid where prohibited.

Appealing as these images are already, urban green space offers benefits far beyond boosting physical and mental health. As per a report by the United States Census Bureau, Parks and green spaces bring benefits that touch almost every area of concern in the United States—health, society, the economy, and the environment—making their preservation a serious concern for all levels of our society, the highest level most of all.

Entries must be received by April 21, However, these romanticized principles are also related to a myriad of environmental problems including increased use of fossil fuels for longer commutes, urban heat island effect, loss of wildlife habitat, and disruptions in the water cycle caused by the spread of impermeable surfaces.

According to top organizations, this phenomenon is not only happening in my community but to most farming communities throughout the United States. A large house with a white picket fence and a child-friendly car or two in the driveway was the picture of success for millions of U.

Charleston, South Carolina is the best city for so many reasons. These are all effects of urban sprawl. What measures can we, must we, take to stop the destruction of wildlife habitat due to population growth?

All of these steps would ensure that green space is preserved in both the places where it is most threatened and the places where it is most needed. Applicant must be a U.

Like they do for National Parks, the government should designate specific land areas that are used to aid the agricultural community and sustain its resources without interference. The purpose of organization educates the American public and elected officials regarding the damaging effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources, and quality of life.


It was founded in to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living. Through my participation in the Future Leaders in Planning program hosted by the Hillsborough County Planning Commission, I learned from urban planners, engineers, and architects in the Tampa Bay Area about the measures that the City of Tampa is implementing to mitigate the effects of urban sprawl.

Americans are the worst per capita emitters of greenhouse gasses, producing double what all of Europe discharges and five times more than the global average.

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Link for More Information: Applicant must be currently enrolled in or attending an accredited school within the United States or operated overseas by the U. Bike lanes should be implemented and encouraged. A parent or guardian signature is also required for all applicants under All this could ultimately lower levels of indirect carbon emissions by consumers.

The relationship of increasing population and decreasing agricultural space is growing ever-stronger and lawmakers must start taking action now. Not only would this program be beneficial to agriculture but it would create and sustain jobs for current and future farmers across the United States.

The influx of people and industry has had a profound impact on the availability of habitat for our diverse wildlife population.ESSAY SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED.

Each year, NPG offers a variety of Scholarship Contests for students across the country. Contestants are invited to answer a population-related challenge, with their own experience and insight guiding their ideas for a solution. NPG Essay Scholarship Contest Scholarship - Maximum Amount: $2, - Application Deadline: April 20, - NPG, a national membership organization devoted to population issues, invites students to compete in our annual essay scholarship contest.

Applicants must be a U.S.

NPG Essay Scholarship Contest

citizen or legal permanent resident who is a high school senior or a. Scholarship Application - NPG Essay Scholarship With America headed toward a population of approximately million people by (up from the present million), such huge numbers will surely intensify many of our country's most.

NPG 2018 Essay Scholarship Contest

NPG Essay Scholarships. Scholarship Deadline: April 20, Scholarship Value: $2, Number of Scholarships - 3. Official Contest Rules and Eligibility Requirements: 1. Entries must be received by April 20, through NPG's official submission webpage.

Those received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Worth $1, to $2, the Negative Population Growth (NPG) Scholarship Essay Contest bestows multiple awards around Earth Day to support U.S. citizens or legal residents over age 14 who show interest in population issues. Save Scholarship/Grant This scholarship/grant was graciously shared with you by: Reginald Culpepper.

The NPG Essay Scholarship Contest is open to high school seniors and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

Npg scholarship essay
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