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The little girls posture is stooped showing her lack of confidence, a direct result of her social isolation. In the story she eventually finds something hopeful at the end of her journey, a reconciliation essential in her development as an individual.

The separation of this teacher shows she does not agree with their alienation of Michael. In the beginning of the film, there is a key scene where Michael is judged by his teachers for his differences. The film The Blind Side explores this idea as it tells the story of a young African American boy, Michael Oher, who comes from a broken home which leads him to be homeless and struggling to find his way in a white dominated society.

The composer shows the suffering of this isolated girl, wandering through a world she does not belong to. The concept of belonging is explored thoroughly in this picture book, the motif of the red maple leaf that follows the girl through each image reveals the path to reconciliation, the same path taken by Billy as he transitions to a sense of belonging.

Look at my example: They are not connected in anyway through vectors, everyone is alone turning their backs on those around them. The representational meanings of the image show other participants as well as the girl, however no relationship is created between them.

The story is about a nameless young girl who appears in every picture, she passes helplessly through many dark moments, searching for her place in this world.

This setting conveys a more relaxed mood.

THEN Write up a paragraph similar to the above examples of how you would incorporate this as a related text in your extended response. She is in an armchair with a lamp in the background. Ironically this perception will prevent Michael from ever being able to access their expectations of belonging, therefore aiding his alienation.

What quotes can you use as evidence? How does it link to your understanding of belonging?

The fish that hovers above her is the most salient feature as it symbolizes the inner emotions of the girls despair and loneliness, this emptiness is enhanced by its gaping mouth. How does it link to your prescribed text?

In this scene the teachers are grouped together around a table, the director uses a long shot to establish this circle of belonging amongst which Michael is being stigmatized.

This relates closely to the Simple Gift, as Billy has to negotiate his own sense of belonging in a new world. This frame is contrasted with one teacher sitting outside of this circle, she is presented through a mid shot, this automatically creates a more intimate feel.

Picture book The Red Tree by Shaun Tan If it is a picture book, you need to discuss the overall purpose of the book and then choose one or two pictures to analyse in depth — much like the film example above.

It also needs to link to your prescribed text, either by highlighting similarities or differences.Writing an essay may sound difficult but an essay is just a set of paragraphs Start with main ideas in your set text and related texts (alienation, loss of place, role of family, romance etc).

If you have trouble with essay writing, don't sit for hours trying to write the perfect introduction - try writing your body paragraphs first. Your related text must be linked to the ideas about belonging presenting in your thesis.

Some tips: In incorporating a paragraph on your related material you should follow the following steps: Start with a topic sentence that links to the concept of belonging that is seen.

Belonging - Related Text - X-Men Essay. Belonging Additional Material ‘X-Men’ Originally created by Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (artist), ‘X-Men’ is a graphic.

Belonging in Strictly Ballroom and two related texts Belonging Essay on Strictly Ballroom & the Sister’s Anthology Comparison of the surfer – judith wright and strictly ballroom. Sample HSC English Essay-Belonging this kind of connection and thus result in negative outcomes for individuals can ultimately lead to a true sense of not belonging and its related notions of isolation and disaffection.

Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Khyenstse Norbu’s Travellers and Magicians are two texts in which an exploration. Belonging essay with TWO related texts An individual’s sense of belonging describes the state where one reaches an affinity with a person, place, group, community or even the larger world.

The texts; Romulus, my father by Raimond Gaita, The Arrival by Shaun Tan and Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger explore various aspects of belonging and how barriers such as lack of companionship, cultural.

Related texts for belonging essay writer
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