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Assessment Rmit law 2447 may face in this course are designed for you to: You can contact the program coordinator or the Disability Liaison Unit if you would like to find out more.

Identify, interpret and apply rules and issues relating to the law. Students should be highly proficient in English comprehension and expression. The course provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further and more specific studies in the law discipline.

Identify, interpret and apply basic legal concepts in negligence, contract law and the Australian Consumer Law. Analyse legal problems with an appreciation of the multiple issues impacting on business and non-business legal issues.

These skills, together with the appropriate legal knowledge are essential for accountants and other business professionals. These may include quizzes; assignments; prescribed readings; sourcing, researching and analysing specific information; solving problems; conducting presentations; producing written work and collaborating with peers on set tasks or projects.

Supervised problem-based tutorials will build your capacity to solve problems and to think critically and analytically Tutorials will provide you with feedback in regard to your understanding and academic progress.

Your learning Rmit law 2447 be supported through various in-class and online activities comprising individual and group work.

Commercial Law (LAW2442)

Active and constructive participation in tutorial activities is expected in addition to weekly reading, careful planning of assessment tasks and completion of prescribed discussion questions. Canvas is a flexible online system which will provide you with an engaging and exciting learning experience as part of your studies with us.

Course Title: Singapore Taxation

These include the ability to: A number of online lecture notes will be provided Rmit law 2447 you. The course is taught through weekly lectures and tutorials in which you will examine and apply law principles related to negligence, contract law, the Australian Consumer Law and business structures.

Your course assessment conforms to RMIT assessment principles, regulations, policies and procedures which are described and referenced in a single document: By appointment Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities None Course Description The course provides an introduction to commercial law fundamentals relevant to business professions.

Communicate information and concepts relating to business and non-business legal issues to professionals and non-professionals in diverse contexts.

Building 13 Course Coordinator Availability: Rmit law 2447 these respects, the course plays a vital role in professional development of accountants and other professionals such as financial planners.

Overview of Learning Resources Refer to Part B Overview of Assessment The courses of the RMIT School of Accounting and Law use assessment to measure and report on your achievement of capabilities against learning outcomes and to provide you with feedback on your performance and progress.

Successful completion of this course means that you should have a basic understanding of the Singapore legal system and the application of statutory law and common law.

The emphasis is on the understanding of the rationale underlying the various tax legislations, appreciating the most efficient course of action with regard to tax management and planning and the use of taxation as an instrument of social and economic policy.

Assessment you may face in this course may include: Commercial Law is a compulsory core course in the Bachelor of Business. Examine and apply legislation and case law relating to business. This involves development of your ability to analyse legal problems and to express ideas in a precise manner.

While aspects of legal knowledge are continually changing, the development of generic skills and will enable such business professionals to keep abreast of changes in the law and be in a position to provide appropriate advice. This course emphasises presentation and research skills combined with formulation of arguments based on legal principle.

The course is designed to enable you to acquire an understanding of tax principles through the analysis of case law and through the interpretation of tax legislation. An assessment charter http: Overview of Learning Activities In this course you will be encouraged to be an active learner.

This knowledge is introduced in Commercial Law and further developed in Singapore Taxation. The course will also provide you with an understanding of other tax legislation concerned with investment incentives.International Law as Law When comparing apples to pears, one is not making a fair comparison, but a disproportionate comparison.

Often times when international law is discussed or attempts are made to understand international law; many often attempt to compare international law with existing laws such as national law or domestic law.

Acknowledgement of country RMIT LSS acknowledges, recognises and respects the Elders, past, present and future of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation who are the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet.

The course is taught through weekly lectures and tutorials in which you will examine and apply law principles related to negligence, contract law, the Australian Consumer Law and business structures. Commercial Law is a compulsory core course in the Bachelor of.

Henry Gray (–).Anatomy of the Human Body. FIG. Bones of the left hand. Volar surface. RMIT’s legal courses explore the perspectives of business, policy, politics, sociology and criminology in contemporary Australian and international society.

Justice and legal professions allow you to practise, enforce and reform the law across courts, legal firms, businesses, policing and security agencies. Centre for Innovative Justice. Below is a list of courses available through RMIT University Vietnam which meet transfer requirements to CSUMB.

Courses can be taken in any order and may count as General Education and/or Major requirements for graduation from CSUMB as .

Rmit law 2447
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