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God bless America, Republicans, rich white people, and Mississippi football! Actually, yes, but she is a crackhead who lives in the projects. They buy him food and clothes, and pay for a personal tutor. They even buy him a brand new pick-up truck! This house negro would do anything to protect his white sugar mama!

There are pre-emptive scenes coolly nipping any worries in the bud — she raises and dismisses the fear that he might steal something. And some characters freely indulge in racism. The movie was a predictable "feel good" story that in our opinion was not in the same league as the other nominees for best picture.

The school football coach drools over his potential as a offensive lineman but it is not until his new Mother knowing that he has tested to have high aptitude in the "protectiveness" scale encourages him to "protect" the quarterback or the running back as he would protect his own new found family does he show his stuff.

Sign in to vote. Guess what - it works! It would have been a much better film if the Tuohys had admitted that they first brought Michael into their home because they hoped he would go to Ole Miss, but then once they got to know him they began to truly care for him.

The Blind Side

Spoilers The Blind Side is not simply a painfully bad movie. The rest of the action is taken up with predictable, hammily acted nonsense. While language and sexual content are quite mild, you can expect a couple of brief violent scenes, references to drug use, and social drinking.

Share via Email The blonde side But beyond being fake and corny, The Blind Side is also quite racist. What parents need to know Parents need to know that The Blind Side is a formulaic but uplifting family sports drama based on the true story of football player Michael Oher.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Ralph Nelson The true-life story from which this Oscar-winning movie is taken may well be every bit as inspirational and remarkable as its fans believe it to be.

And if she was, what on earth is so bad about that? My main problem with this film is that it is a sweet, sugar-frosted lie that makes us whiteys feel all yummy and sparkly inside. But no - we are supposed to believe that they loved him like a son the minute they laid eyes on his hulking body.

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Language Relatively few uses of words like "ass" which a woman points out as being inappropriate"hell," "damn," "tits," and "oh my God. That is the only real dramatic issue at stake, the only question that might smudge the family Christmas card perfection of this story.

That said, it sometimes feels as if it glosses over many of the challenges that Oher and his "rescuer" socialite Leigh Anne Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock must have faced.

Some jaw-breaking action on the football field. We are told that big Michael fared poorly on his academic tests, but scored in the 98th percentile in "protective instincts.

Hard work does pay off. One scene has an adult offering a teenager beer; he takes one sip. We are supposed to believe that the Tuohys are just such lovely people that they adopt random black boys.

Flashback scenes show children being wrested from their mother without her consent, which is mildly traumatic to watch. Paul 7 September Warning: Michael is also a lesson in fortitude, rarely giving in to the aggression he must feel from having been neglected as a child.

And while it alludes to the prejudice that exists in certain situations, aside from a scene or two, it skirts the topic instead of truly tackling it, and some scenes depict characters who are blatantly racist. Her performance is dominated by a strangely humourless glazed expression — the same with or without sunglasses — an intermittent clenched smile and a frosted blond do that looks as if it would splinter if you chipped it.

Stay up to date on new reviews. No one thinks there is anything strange about this. Sandra Bullock got her Oscar for playing the tough-love Christian Republican wife and mother who takes in a troubled African-American teen and motivates him to greatness on the football field.

It is an insult and a sugar-coated fraud.Parents need to know that The Blind Side is a formulaic but uplifting family sports drama based on the true story of football player Michael Oher.

It centers on messages about inclusion, the benefits of hard work, and the importance of family. The Blind Side is an enjoyable that some may consider a bit too soft or safe.

Though it won't completely win moviegoers over, they'll still be in 66%. The Blind Side () User Reviews Review this title Reviews. Hide Spoilers. So when the Creative Loafers at asked me to review The Blind Side, a sports movie I would never see,starring an actress I really don't like, I was skeptical.

But they promised me Jujubees, so I agreed to attend the premiere. The Blind Side movie reviews & Metacritic score: Teenager Michael Oher is surviving on his own, virtually homeless, when he is spotted on the street by Leigh.

The Blind Side 1 / 5 stars 1 out of 5 stars. T he true-life story from which this Oscar-winning movie is taken may well be every bit as inspirational and.

The Blind Side was a very touching movie filled with good messages and good role models, and the main character was truly inspiring. I would very .

The blind side movie review
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