Undergraduate coursework for mba

Fall Deadline - June 1 First Summer Deadline — March 15 Second Summer Deadline - May 1 A completed application packet includes the application itself, application fee, official GMAT score, and official copies of transcripts for each institution attended since high school.

Online Master of Business Administration

It includes understanding and working with people individually, as well as in groups. Students will spend a week Undergraduate coursework for mba the emerging procedures to account for such externalities and hear a number of short cases from the real world BMW, Interface Inc.

The MBA course work is divided into two groups of classes. The course uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore broad changes in the international environment at the economic, political, cultural, environmental, and social levels by focusing on several themes that represent the complexity of global issues that affect business.

We have designed our fast-track semesters so that you can get through the program more quickly. Consumer Behavior 3 ; Sp A seminar studying how individuals make buying decisions.

Students use normative and descriptive ethical decision making frameworks to analyze ethical issues that business managers confront. Online classes do not require campus visits and may be completed from anywhere in the world. This course focuses on sustainable development in relation to global corporations, the effect of sustainability on global corporate development strategies, and how corporations interact with nations to develop partnerships that support sustainable economic development.

Advanced Accounting Topics 3 ; Sp Advanced topics in accounting with emphasis on consolidated financial statements and partnerships. Managerial Financial 3 ; Fa, Sp A study of the tools and techniques used in financial management.

International Financial Management 3 ; Sp An overview of the workings of trade and finance in an international setting. Contemporary Issues in International Business Contemporary Issues in International Business enables students to study the most current topics in international and global business that form the framework for understanding business decisions.

The number of classes you take each semester can change to suit your schedule; you can even take a semester or more off if needed. Qualified students can earn an MBA with just 11 extra classes taken in one additional year.

Undergraduate Coursework in Sustainability

Organizational Theory 3 ; Fa, Sp Analysis of formal organizations and informal relationships among individuals and small groups. The course relies on the basic tools of micro- and macroeconomics theory in the study of private and public financial behavior and the problems posed for public policy.

Investments 3 ; Sp Provides an understanding of investment history, practices and the various types of securities traded in financial markets.

Our program offers individuals interested in these industries the tools to excel as leaders throughout their careers. Students will examine how to create and maintain strong brands and brand portfolios.

International Marketing 3 ; Sp Objectives, problems, and challenges facing those who engage in marketing operations in foreign countries. Key course concepts include marginal analysis, prices and the allocation of resources, cost analysis, market structures, and information.

Managerial Economics 3 ; Fa, Sp, Su The course emphasizes the application of micro-economic theory to business management and strategy. The course requires students to analyze business case studies. Students are required to observe, describe and analyze major factors affecting business in the country and propose courses of action that business should consider to effectively compete in international markets.

Graduate Study in Business

Traditional advertising functions and strategies are analyzed along with new forms of advertising and promotion driven by changing technology.

Managerial Approach to Internet Marketing Strategies 3 ; Fa, Sp This course focuses on a managerial approach to internet marketing strategies. Students examine moral principles and standards that are available to guide behavior in the world of business.For students who have earned an undergraduate business degree, exemptions may apply to these pre-requisite courses as part of their MBA/MS coursework.

It is advantageous for MBA programs, and the students enrolled in them, to include candidates from different undergraduate majors. Coursework Business Foundations Courses (16 Credit Hours) Students accepted to the MBA program are expected to have a common body of business knowledge.

The master of business administration curriculum consists of three levels of coursework: foundation, core, and electives.

Our Academic Approach

A foundation course is waived for an MBA candidate who has completed undergraduate coursework in that foundation subject with a grade of at least B. A foundation course is also waived for an MBA candidate who has. The 4+1 Biology MBA curriculum consists of a maximum of 18 classes, but may be reduced to as few as 11 depending on your undergraduate coursework.

The MBA course work is divided into two groups of classes. Master of Business Administration (MBA) The master of business administration is a 36 credit hour program for students with a background in business.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students lacking undergraduate coursework in business must take a proficiency course, BUS Principles of Business Administration, in their first semester.

BA/BS-MBA Dual-Degree Program. The Integrated Dual-Degree Program gives highly motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in conjunction with their undergraduate degree.

Masters of Business Administration Program

accelerate completion of their undergraduate coursework and complete graduate level .

Undergraduate coursework for mba
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