Why do cyber bullying laws need

Can you imagine the pain and suffering he went through before he came out of the closet, away from home, starting college? In doing so, it may appear that it leaves the law unclear on this issue, making schools hesitant to discipline cyber bullies. Prison time for cyber bullying that results in death — charge manslaughter or murder.

Ultimately I blame society,Those who support and condone cruelty need to be silenced.

Why Cyber Bullying Laws Aren’t Working in US

I hope the student who took his life finds peace and comfort in the afterlife, and the student who did this is judged accordingly when their time is up and they too go to the afterlife. What a shame, and quite frankly, I am sickened by this. I hope they are charged with manslaughter and prosecuted fully.

Do We Need Cyberbullying Legislation?

When are we going to put a stop to this? These acts are anything but that. Let us examine some of the legal issues surrounding these two cases to understand what the legal rights and responsibilities of schools are, but also why some schools are still reluctant to help victims of cyber bullying.

If this is a one room dorm, the accused has every right to surveillance of his home. Imagine potential employers finding this years later and out of context or if ever teaching, by students and parentsassuming it was a careless choice in his younger years.

The students that did this need to be punished appropriately and harshly. This research will help us proactively identify and put in place strategies to protect our children from bullying and bullying-related behaviors using evidence-based strategies. One thing you can bet on is that school administrations will be burdened with more directives from the Ministry of Education, more training workshops for the staff, more bullying-awareness sessions for the students and much more paperwork.

Tolerance needs to be a basic right that is enforced by law. Watch and see when the "punishment" comes in. It brings me back to that very uncomfortable truth about human nature: Legislation that requires school districts to develop and implement their own local policies also proved to be effective.

If you believe he was bullied then you approach the situation at a lower understanding and have to take the same approach when looking at the kid that streamed the video. If the plaintiff had not suffered from any accompanying physical injury, then the plaintiff had to show that the harm reasonably could have been expected to befall the ordinarily sensitive person.

Yet the suffering inflicted by the cyber-bullies of this virtual world is itself all too real. These two students are not children — they know what they did was wrong. I think this is a invasion of privacy! Then there would be no doubt that it was bullying.

They matched this data on anti-bullying legislation in 25 states obtained from the U. Plenty of teachers are skeptical, too.Bullying and cyber bullying do not often result in the victim committing suicide, but even when they do, such as in these two aforementioned cases, there appears to be a remarkable leniency in disciplining by courts and, in some cases, a complete failure of law.

Despite the imperfections of many anti-bullying laws and programs, most agree that we need them. “Prevention and intervention aren’t a single person or group’s responsibility.

According to a article on Cyber Bullying Hotline 42% teenagers with technology access has been bullied over the past year% of teens with smartphones, tablets, and laptops have social medias and this open the door for cyber bullying, for stalking, and to find someone and potentially kill them.

According to the Cyber-bullying Research Center, there are no federal laws against cyber-bullying and there are only 5 states which have laws against cyber-bullying.

Cyberbullying: we need to stop this internet torture

Due to this point, it’s becoming obvious that there should be some federal and state laws made against cyber-bullying due to its harmful effects. I believe we really need a legislation against cyberbullying, there is no gain for the victims being bullied.

If we think carefully the cyberbullying is pure ignorance and not a act of free speech. Even old people agree that cyberbullying doesn´t mean we should be mean and insult people who don´t want to be harassed. Why Do People Cyberbully? Cyberbullying happens for many of the same reasons as any other type of bullying, but it may be even more appealing because it can be done anonymously.

Why do cyber bullying laws need
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